A Story of a Dom and His Two Submissives- Our Unique Journey


Daddy’s Visit.

Daddy came to see me. I made breakfast. Easy stuff. He was never going to come to my house but he did. And I was so happy. Having him and my sister over made it more like my family has come to visit. I got dressed in some garters and a robe and stockings. It was fun. We ate and then we went upstairs to the bedroom. He got undressed and I gave him a back massage. It was fun to see him one second in clothes and poof naked on the bed the next. I enjoyed making him feel comfortable and relaxed. He looked happy and calm. He flipped over onto his back and i started massaging his stomach and shoulders worked up to his legs and cock. I finally had enough teasing, it wasn’t long I started licking his cock, sucking him deeply in my mouth. I looked up at him and he was throughly enjoying it. I knew I must be right because he was growing in my mouth. I smiled at him. After he got hard, we fucked and I got on top of him. He slapped my face and definitely got my attention!

He had a sadistic streak today, which I don’t see all the time. I like it, I wouldn’t say I was afraid, but more surprised. He slapped my face and his eyes had angry fire in them. Not at me, but at the world. I wanted to have him take out all that anger on me. To stop whatever pain he felt in life. It’s a strange feeling to want to stop someone’s anger and pain. You know its futile, you can’t really stop pain you didn’t cause, yet you have to, need to, desire to do just that. There is more but life calls.

Welcome to Our Blog.Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.06.48 AM

This will be a story of 3 different people molded uniquely together. We are a different type of family. We are a Dom and 2 submissives. We are going to share our story for the world to see. We are all married but not to each other. We have six degree’s between us and four bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees, so we are educated and cultured. We are just normal people thrown together in a tapestry of emotion and adventure for life. We want to share our story to the world, maybe we will strike a cord in you. Please feel free to leave your comments.


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