Fuck Me or I Will Love You!

The heading statement seems counter-intuitive at first.  I often wonder how many people hide behind sex and the reasons why they would do so.  I think often in my life, I have sought out sex as a way of not dealing with pain or to hold back internal emotions.  I would often get lost in the act and the feeling to simply to avoid the reality of the world.  The truism of the statement however is that fuck or love are not counter-intuitive, they are connected as are our hearts and minds.  The best sex can ever really only come from the heart and avoiding the heart can only lead to a mouse wheel of direction.  With my girls, the training of being a sub, must connect the heart and the mind.  Without both of these muscles beating in unison, there can be no growth.  We all strive for something and a sub strives to be in unison with her mentor.  I will often watch as the  thrill of pleasing me shines on each of their faces. They are intent in their stare, looking at me for approval.  I can smile and they will smile back, I can stare blankly and will get a confused look back. Please make no mistake as a mentor; I am as reponsible for my Subs emotional inner energy as they are of my approval.

We are as one when it’s working, like a finely tuned engine purring under the hood. The blood will pump through my veins, the muscles will tense ready for work. The mind and heart, when in unison with my subs, is electric in nature. I can feel the energy flow from them, it’s as intense and real as any energy source can be. The force is measurable and visible. It’s intense in nature, yet subtle as the finest rain drop. Be at one with your partner in mind and heart and you will have reached an infinite state. Fuck or love at your peril…

As always I welcome your feedback and comments.



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