Girl time 

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.04.35 AM

So last night was another night of girl time. It started with us going to an adult toy store to pick out a few items that were requested of us. Sugar and I giggled as we walked around the store and looked for items. I actually blushed on several occasions which very rarely happens. But it was a blast. Driving to her house I am nervous but excited. What is this feeling I have? I want to be here I need to be here this is crazy I am not use to these feelings. Deep breath!  At sugars house we are ready to play for daddy via FaceTime. We lit candles and created a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Daddy wanted to see how quickly sugar could make me cum. Not a tough task. Haha! He sure does like his games. So sugar started to play with me as daddy watched. I was trying my best to not enjoy myself thinking of anything to not continue to get worked up. I was asking to cum and was told “no” WTF! Ok don’t get angry focus relax. I can’t hold it back I ask almost pleading to let me cum. I hear him say “come”. I don’t need anymore permission than that! Daddy wanted sugar to continue playing with me. He request I get on all fours. Oh boy! I would rather leave this part out but I know he wants me to share so here goes. Daddy instructs sugar to put a finger in my ass. Deep breath! Sugar is a good girl and does as he requests. I on the other hand am not thrilled anal play is not high on my preference list for a few reasons. Anyway, I want to show my obedience and trust and relax well not completely fists are clenched and I’m just thinking ok can this be done. But then he tells her to put her other fingers in my pussy. Oh my! This feels good! Wait don’t enjoy this. Well I like how sugar knows how to make me feel good with her technique on my clit. It’s not long I cum again. It’s done and survived.

Daddy wanted to still inspect my pussy so he asked me to spread my legs so he could see. I am playing with sugars breasts they are so wonderful. I hear him instruct sugar to slap my pussy. Slap! Wow! Slap slap slap rhythmic softer harder. Oh my that feels great. I want more. This is a sensation I have never felt before. The endorphin release is intense. My whole body is responding. Sugar starts to play with my clit again. I can’t hold back and barley get out the request to cum. As I am asking daddy graciously says “cum for me baby” as sugar holds tight. I have sweet release.

Ah now Sugars turn. Time to introduce her to the glass dildo. I use my tongue and mouth as foreplay to get her clit swollen and pussy wet. Next I slide in the glass dildo. She smiles. I twist halfway slide in and out a little swirl as I watch her rock a little more. Then I twist and make her squirm a little. In my mind I am hoping she is happy and I am making her feel good. I like watching her face as she enjoys me playing.

We then spend time side by side on the couch chatting with daddy. I am more silent this time. Not sure why I am very happy. I think maybe I am trying to understand how intense the feeling is I have. Feelings they scare me. Emotions are they a  sign of weakness or a sign of strength for me? I often ask myself this question. More on this later. I say my goodbyes and off I go satisfied sexually, with a warm heart and smile on my face.


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