Dominant/Submissive C.R.A.C.K.

 Most of the time people have an intense desire to feel good about themselves. People around us tend to influence the way we feel even if we try hard to shield ourselves from their influence. One of the things that draws me back to BDSM always, is the CRACK. Not the drug of course, CRACK stands for Caring, Respect, Affection, Compassion and Kindness. For in reality isn’t this what all of us crave? To be cared for, in some way have another human being care for our needs, respond to our needs, and try to fulfill our needs? Respect our desire, our bodies, our minds and emotional state of mind enough to not cause serious harm to us. To give us human touch, affection, love, and yes this even includes sexual touch, to hold our bodies and hearts in a manner that enables trust, individual growth, and security. Compassion, to ensure we are genuinely empathetic with each other, feel what it’s like to be on each end of receiving that compassion. And last, but not least Kindness, to know that today may or may not be the best day to spank you, or that today may be a day to take her dom to the movies to watch a comedy after a terrible day at work. Small acts of kindness to support and nurture each other.

Sounds extremely simple. Unfortunately, most people in life have trouble with this concept. We become self-consumed with greed, and selfishness. We want everything and we want it now. The Veruca Salt Syndrome. I want it all and I want it NOW! We don’t and can’t wait or share. We expect others to come and shower us with affection that we never truly return. We lure them with promises of love or sex. We take it all and leave nothing in the soul for later or we drain that soul until it’s empty, never replenishing it.

In closing, the world and your own little sphere of life will be better if we remember that CRACK is addictive in the most wonderful way. It replenishes your entire being and once you find someone whom you can give and receive CRACK, never let them down. Your spiritual, emotional and childlike self will flourish. I will leave you with a line from the Beatles song “The End”. “And in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take.”



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