What is Truly Important. 

When you think of BDSM, think of any relationship as many of the same parameters are in place. The difference is the amount of trust I have with someone who has his hands around my neck or a belt spanking my butt. You still need respect, caring and the “CRACK” I previously talked about, but much more. You need honesty and trust. 
When I say I trust my daddy, I trust him to care for me, to be honest, to accept me for who I am. I trust him to ask questions if he’s unsure of something and to make sure I understand what he desires. I trust he will disclose anything to me that will impact our relationship both with me and my sister. I TRUST. PERIOD. He does the same with me. 
Honesty, goes hand in hand with trust but it’s slightly different. Many people are somewhat honest, we need to be totally honest, with ourselves, with each other and with my sister. I know that we are honest with each other. Maybe more than anyone else in our lives. We call each other on BS. We challenge each other. We can depend on each other. Honesty. Simple word. Harder to implement. 


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