Why Do I Have to Call Him Daddy?

Why do I have to call him daddy?Not too long ago Sir asked how I felt when Sugar called him daddy. I was not bothered at all they have a special relationship, but it was not for me. Not because I thought it had incestuous tone. I had done my research and knew what a Daddy Dom was. That was not for me! Hell no! I need the behavior modification dominant. That’s who I want to serve and be guided by. Someone to help me grow and find and fix things to make me a better submissive and stronger in my family and professional life as well as allowing me to make him happy with my continue learning and obedience. So we agreed for now that is what Sir would be to me. But Sir made it clear that someday he wanted me to call him Daddy. He wanted to be my Daddy and I his little girl. Ugh! Why do I have to call him daddy? Sir is perfect is shows respect and it was easy for me to say not full of feelings. To say daddy that has lots of feeling/emotion. I hear it in Sugar’s voice, I can feel it when I read it in our texts. I can’t do that. I have to keep up those walls and keep feelings and emotion out of this journey. Sir continued to ask as we spent time together “Are you ready to call me daddy?”  Again my answer was “no sir”. Now it would have been very easy to just say daddy and act like I liked it to make him happy, but I made a promise to be open and honest and not pretend as I do in so many areas in my life. So I started to do more research about Daddy Dom’s. I came across things like this a Daddy Dom is a protector, mentor, caring with expectations, his little’s biggest fan, anchor and disciplinarian. Well that sounds nice and not too far off from the aspects I liked about a behavior modification dominant but still everything I read has an undertone of feelings and dare I say, love. 

Then the three of us went away and it was fabulous. It was hard to keep back all the feelings/emotions I was encountering as we enjoyed each others company. I was happy to see his face when he looked at Sugar and me it warmed my heart. The things they showed me in such a short period of time opened my eyes to a new level of caring and enhanced my desire for complete submission. Later that evening during an intimate time with the three of us I whispered in his ear, “Thank you Daddy.”  So why do I have to call him daddy? I call him daddy because he holds me to a higher standard then I hold myself, he is our protector, mentor, biggest fan, anchor and disciplinarian. Because no matter how hard I have tried to keep the walls up high, he challenges me every day to feel and not hide. So, thank you Daddy!



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