My Lack of Limits with Daddy

My Limits have disappeared! Wow. Did I just say that? Did I Just say I don’t have limits? Before you start thinking I am some naive, stupid new submissive, I realize that I don’t have them because I don’t need them. Let me explain. I have been with Daddy for almost a year. He is very protective of me. He could never really hurt me. He only wants the best for me. So I don’t need limits because I can’t be broken. He can’t break his most prized possession, It’s not in him. So if he pushes me ever to the breaking point, it would hurt him as much as me. He simply couldn’t do that to me. 

I have such complete trust in him, and he in me, that to have limits would be redundant. Why? He has set them higher than my own would be. I don’t worry that I could be in harms way because he simply couldn’t harm me. That would mean emotionally, spiritually or mentally, as well as physically. I am also the same way with him. I think it’s imperative that if you are in a D/s relationship, you know if the Dom you are with can be trusted to that extent. It’s okay if you can’t, but set those rules up before rather than after, you play hard. 

Each relationship has it’s own dynamic, it’s own way of working. I find the closer in spirit and heart we are, the better I can please. The more in tune I am with him and he with me, the better I can serve him. We have a quite unusual relationship to say the least. It suits us well. 



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