Family Time. 

  I was given the task to write about a fabulous 2 day adventure that Kitty, Daddy and I took last week. There was so much fun and so much excitement. We did family type things. They surprised me and took me to an amusement part. I rode roller coasters and I felt in the verge of tears all day that these 2 people would care about me so much to plan this surprise. Eating together makes me feel like we have a normal family even though at the end of the day we are anything but normal. We are, however different, a family. That delicious meal all together and nice drink felt decadent. I was so happy. One can’t put into words how happy I was. 

We had sexy family time. I came out of the shower with Kitty sitting on daddy’s lap. I grinned. I saw that they were happy. I smiled at them. There was only happiness for them. I knew I was going to join them in a minute as soon as I got ready. We jumped into bed together and played awhile. 

The next morning we had breakfast and we were headed to the city. Another hotel and another new adventure as a family. Kitty had some business to do and after we checked into the hotel, daddy and I dropped Kitty off at her destination. We walked the city and talked. It was good baby girl and daddy time. And I loved it. 

Soon after lunch Kitty joined us. We went back to the hotel and enjoyed a little R and R time. More playing and lots of family talking. Daddy makes very sure we talk and communicate all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to get out what we need to. I sometimes am a poor communicator and that upsets everyone, especially me. If it wasn’t for Daddy’s patience, I’d be lost. Like all good families I won’t go into airing my own dirty laundry, but I will say Daddy has more patience than a Saint. He always talks things out with me and even when I say something that is out of line we talk. He makes us communicate. Period. You have no choice there. It’s comforting to know that I am allowed to make mistakes and not be ostracized and made to feel badly about myself(which I did anyway but that had nothing to do with Daddy.)

We wound up having another beautiful family dinner. Followed by the most fun time shooting pool and showing people in a local bar how we were a kinky family. No shame or no embarrassment, just fun. One guy told Daddy when he grows up he wants to be him. It was cute. 

The next day was sad. We drive home and had to say good bye. Back to reality. I will never forget a lot of things about that trip, I won’t ever be able to repay Daddy and my sister for making my day at the park so special and I have made it my personal goal to be a better communicator and submissive to Daddy and a better sister to Kitty. I love my family so very much. Hugs, Sugar. 


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