The Ultimate Gift

I can hear the snap of the belt as clearly as I can hear the deep thunder of an approaching storm.  The flexing of the muscles the smell of the leather wafts into my nostril’s as clear as any bouquet of flowers. I can feel my hand tighten its grip and my biceps quiver ready for the swing.  The leather heavy in my hand smooth in texture.  I can see her in my peripheral vision, her nakedness exposed to me.  I can feel her anticipation, the gift of her submission ready for my taking.  I know it’s a gift as surely as the sun will rise in the sky tomorrow.  The connection between a sub and Dom is woven together as tightly as the most expensive tapestry.  I know these things because that is my reality, when it is gifted.  I know the pain I inflict is rarely understood by society and people can never understand the complexity of the connection.  The fact is that indeed its real and should never be taken for granted.  The pain that is freely gifted and given should always be treasured.  I see and feel the bond in a deep and personal way.  I can feel it beyond the pain and can taste it as real as any meal I have eaten.  There are many ways to bond a Dom and Sub together in a session but surely this gift should be treasured above all.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gift

  1. As Master and i began our journey a year ago, i thought i had experienced profound and sacred connection love before. Oh, how wrong i was. Initially taught, later sculpted, now owned… i bathe in the bliss of being His, a humble loved slave.


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