Traveling sub 

I got to be Daddy’s traveling sub this time. I had no expectations going other then to make him happy, relax and allow a connection to happen. What an experience it was! It was different not going away as a family but it gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and about myself and my submission to him.  
The trip was full of memories but I’d like to share one at this time.  
Daddy had to work during the day so I occupied myself with walking the city and enjoying the sites and the time to think. About the dinner and the view of the city the evening before. To think about what I could do to make him happy while I was on this trip with him. Think about the challenging questions that will come and the intimate times and the play times. What could I do to make him happy? To show him my appreciation. 
So I panned an afternoon and evening that would hopefully allow him to relax and enjoy the city he comes to often but never gets out to explore and show him in a little more into my head and heart.  

It started with a text message late afternoon saying I missed him and asking when would he be back. He responded he was on his way. So quickly I put on my music hopped in the shower and dressed in my pink bra and panties with really cute pair of stockings braided my hair and waited like a good girl for him to come back to the room. 
When he entered I was so happy and full of giggles I wanted him to be so pleased with me because I know he had a busy day. When we entered the room I think I saw a smile cross his face. He cleaned up and joined me. We talked and then we played and worked on something’s. He used a different belt this time my ass was nice and pink as well as other areas of my body. That days training was difficult but needed. I enjoyed kneeling for daddy and letting him enjoy my body and my mind.  
On to dinner and fireworks. I was happy to have found a place to walk by the water and get some drinks and dinner and watch the fireworks.  

The fireworks were amazing and the walk back to the room was an adventure in its self we laughing and talked about the night and the path we walked not the most scenic but I knew I was safe with daddy.  
Once back in our room we had a glass of wine and listened to music and we danced. Daddy was full of questions again. To help me work on trust and not being scared and allowing my heart and head to connect. He led me through a guided imagery session to identify my fears. I felt vulnerable yet safe and I was emotionally spent.  
So the day was like the fireworks full of anticipation and then excitement and the slowly faded to the end of the evening. Kitty 


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