Ready set go emotions…

I often ask myself being new to the lifestyle and connecting with my submissive side are emotions a curse or a strength. I am not one to hide behind my emotions I do everything in my power to hide my emotions. But I can’t seem to do that with Daddy and Sugar. It’s crazy! I feel at times that I just want to be tough and hard and hold on to things. But it’s not that easy. In my training I am working on really understanding to completely trust and to identify with my feelings and the needs of my family. Feelings emotions tears laughter all things I desire to share and give to them because it makes our bond stronger. But these same emotions/feelings have been used against me in the past. But I know it’s important to be open.  
Daddy and sugar won’t let me run from my emotions or feelings they expect me to share and they accept them not as a sign of weakness or a sign of strength but as a way to learn more about me and where I am in my journey to full submission to daddy.  



2 thoughts on “Ready set go emotions…

  1. I can relate. I used to be a very shy quiet girl, but have broken through those walls and have let a select few in. I have a harder time holding back my emotions to those who’ve touched me. It’s a pita. Lol

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    • When the connection happens man it’s tough to keep the walls high the door closed tight. But I’m also
      Learning that emotions and feelings aren’t always exploited. Thanks for following our blog.

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