What the Hell is a Little?

To explain what a little is is hard. She’s definitely part of me. She’s as real as my having blue eyes. She’s a very distinct personality. She’s real. Now before you shake your head and say to me, “you’re nuts,” think of all the times you felt like a kid. Think of laughing so hard that you almost wet your pants, of crying because of you just feel insecure or cry from happiness, needing a hug from someone you love, wanting to be a good girl just like when you were a girl. Now it doesn’t seem so odd, does it? 
I believe all people have littles. That inner child they push down everyday. That person they are at the core. Littles are honestly real. I happened to have a very special Daddy who identified my little. He gave her a name and when she is “out” he talks to her. Somedays she’s out most of the time. Other days not so much. Some days she’s nothing more than a silly 12 year old. Somedays she’s an insecure scared little girl. 

Most of the time I’m a very high functioning, very intelligent, very mature adult. I have children, and take care of people in my life. I am good and kind, I have a job and several degrees. I am a nurturer. Sometimes, she is gone from my life and that makes me sad. She brings me joy and laughter. Sometimes she brings sorrow and sadness, but those times are rare. 

I never allow her to make immature decisions anymore. Things that will put me in harm’s way. She doesn’t rule my life. She adds to it. 

My inner child is part of all the pieces I am. She is me. Sugar


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