Family Ties

Daddy is our protector, he takes care of our emotional needs, our need to be cared for and our need to feel worth something. He never is too busy to be there and in an emergency he’s right there if we need him. One of the finest leaders, and the most intelligent, observant, bright, thoughtful man I have ever known. I won’t speak for Kitty but I know my heart is safe with him. I can rest easily at night knowing I am safe. Not only safe from harm, safe from hurt, safe from inner monsters, safe from bad people, but safe from my own inner struggles and hurt. 
He manages to hold us together when we fall apart. We would never allow anyone to hurt daddy. We can’t protect him from everything(I would if I could) but you’d have to go through me and my sister, Kitty before we’d ever let you hurt daddy. I love him deeply and completely. Sister and I want him to be happy at all costs. If I disappoint him, there are sure to be tears and when I do it’s always unintentional. I hate being a brat. It does happen sometimes, and I beat myself up enough when it does, and I know I’ve had to talk Kitty off a ledge more than once for thinking she hurt him. 

What sets us apart from the rest of the people in our lives is our full communication. None of us are perfect, and we have all done things to cause upheavals, both big and small. Daddy demands we open up and talk. He doesn’t request it, he doesn’t suggest it. It’s the one thing he demands. If we have an issue, any of us, we talk. Ask questions, tell feelings, risk hurting ours and our families feelings but always we come away knowing how special we are to each other. Usually our fears are imaginary monsters in out heads that often lie dormant waiting for the chance to pounce. We have daddy to knock them out and he has us. 

To say my sister Kitty and I are close is an understatement. She is fiercely protective of me, as I am of her. Both of us are quick to stand in front of each other to protect each other. We explain to daddy what the other meant and daddy throughly enjoys our sisterhood. She is a very wonderful part of our lives. I can’t even imagine life without her anymore, and I wouldn’t want to either. I love her as my friend and my sister. I couldn’t ever want a better sister. I have the best already. 
My family means the world to me. It’s a shoulder to cry on, friends when you need one, a hug when the world seems like it’s turned you to dust, and laughter when you cry. We aren’t just kinky sex, we are a true family. One that is growing closer everyday, one that is fiercely protective of each other, one that cares. I know that we are an odd lot, but we are all good, loving people. My life has been enhanced and made better because of them. 

I love my family, they are my sun, my moon and my stars. 


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