Throwing Shadows Around

The end justifies the means, I have to cheat, the wife does not give me sex. I have to cheat, she does not understand me. I have heard it so many times. The endless excuses as to why we do the things we do. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked people out of cheating. The reason, the endless hours of covering my tracks, of deleting texts. Time taken worrying about calls and ignoring ring tones. I can’t count the money spent or calculate the effort expended. All this does not count the sleepless nights worrying about what could happen, and when things go wrong.  There is no utopia to the lifestyle and the work is endless. I can see it in your eyes, why is he telling me this, why should I give a shit. The truth is when done right when you find the right person/persons it may, just may be all worth it. I can feel the stolen moments as I lightly graze my lover’s skin. The hidden connection across a busy room, as we sneak a quick glance.  The energy as we gaze upon each other after a separation of time. The deep intake of breath as we come together as one. The thrill as I watch her pull her pants down just for me.  This is the energy of life, the one thing that keeps me working hard for my family. The question remains which family am I working hard for, as I have two true families….Grin….



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