An afternoon thought about Subs and flowers.

I was talking with a sub looking for a Dom today and it got my mind thinking about the first contact between the two.  The key is the sweet surrender of the Sub and the “deliberate” dominance of the master.  I think it’s closer then any marriage because of the trust factor and nature of the gift.

To really experience the closeness both must come together in full synchronization.  Think of two spinning tops going around in opposite directions at 100MHP.  Always a huge impact  when they first crash together then they spin back in unison meeting in the middle.   The problem is the first coming together.  I see most Doms hurtle at the sub at 100MPH and wonder why they bounce off never to return.  The crash comes and then a Dom must wait for the sub to center back.  I know sounds hacky buts its true.  A true Dom must be gentle and patient and yes “loving”..  I would say subtle, delicate  and gentle.  To pick the right flower, one does not grab a handful of stems and yank them, hoping to find the perfect flower.  No the the right flower is carefully selected, looked upon with value, cherished and gently picked to not disturb a single petal.  To me most subs are delicate in nature, oh they can be a handful but in true harmony they as gentle as any flower you will ever pick.


Thank you for reading.


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