Morning Conference Calls

The best way to wake up, in my opinion, is to first get a text Good morning from daddy and sister, then to all talk together on the phone. We start our day finding out what we are up to for that day. Then we talk about everything and anything. We laugh, we plan, we are in awe of how natural we are together. We function for that brief period of our day as a natural family. We hate to get off the phone. One of us always has to go first, and the other two usually have a continuation of conversation, just because they can’t bare to get off the phone. 

To say I miss them everyday is an understatement. It’s a wonderful feeling to have two people to love and care for and to be loved and cared for in return. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate them  in my life. 

To my family, soon we will all be together again. Soon. Hugs and kisses, Sug. 


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