The Road Is Wider Then You Think

I remember growing up in a children’s home and watching Miami Vice on the TV. The imagery of a young mind going a million miles an hour with the possibilities.  I would run across the European roads wondering if I could make it across an American road before one their massive Cadillac’s could run me over. My mind can think back across the years to my magic button at the back of my bed in my dorm, I could press it and a women would come ask me what I wanted. I called this the magic button for attention was just a red push away. I would get in so much trouble for pressing the button, but then again any attention from a women was good attention, “right?” I have been that attention boy for many years and spent a great deal of my adult life capturing that same emotion. The women have flowed in and out of life like the tides of the sea. I could not count them on 6 extra sets of hands. When you spend a lifetime looking for the intimacy of a mother between the sheets, it’s a little difficult to comprehend.

So why all the background and why the long drawn out tale? This little tale leads me to the road and destination I find myself in with Sugar and Kitty. The attention I was seeking was never the mother. It was more so the intimacy of a true women. This intimacy can never be found between the sheets. That intimacy can only be found through the love of a good submissive. If you have read our blog, you will know I am married. This is an interesting dichotomy, since marriage is not true intimacy, more over a business agreement between two adults. I believe true intimacy can only come through the trust of a submissive and her Dom. There can be no deeper trust for both parties then to entrust her well being and the Dom to entrust his gift. This is a true partnership in more then what happens between the sheets.


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