3 AM – A Family Affair

I just could not sleep last night, two much going on for me.  I won’t go into much detail, but you know how the story goes. The stress of life sometimes creeps into our lives like a leaky faucet, drip by drop.  I just woke up and could not get to sleep, after turning and tossing for a while, I got up.  I watched the usual suspects at 3, Escape to Chimp Island and Meerkat Manor.  I just shot a quick text out to the family (well worth a shot right).  What a surprise both the girls seemed to be in a similar situation.  I could not believe both were up one with stress one because the others are.  I often wonder at the energy of this triad and for both girls to be up, amazed me.  We spoke for 2 hours via text.  There has to be a connection between us that bridges the usual emotional ones.  I was calmer and the light of the day was seeping through so went back to bed and caught 3 more hours of sleep.


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