I am so pleased to share that Sugar and Daddy have been together 1 year. Today I was honored to be part of their celebration. Wow! We have all come so far. Like all families it’s interesting to hear how they met and that they both never thought it would be what it is today. They laugh and laugh when they retell that first encounter. Fast forward a few months and after looking for a third they found me. Over the last few months we have learned so much about each other. What makes us smile, sad, happy or even mad. We have become very close. So today was a family celebration. There was a gift exchange. The gifts to each other had such special meanings. There was erotic sexy hot wild sex. But the nicest thing that happened today was daddy cooked us a meal. Not just any meal he cooked salmon, brown rice and fresh asparagus. It was delicious! Decedent as sugar said several times. We sat around and talked about how natural and wonderful our relationship is. We always find our discussion questioning why there is no jealousy between me and sugar. Anyone who follows our blog knows that answer. lol. Because we care and we have trust and communication amongst all of us. We didn’t want the day to end. Such a bittersweet time.  


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