Natural? Why Yes!

Why is this so natural? Why does it feel like we belong this way? Why when I see Daddy and Kitty playing together does it make me smile? Why is it so hard to leave each other? Why do we laugh so hard? 

This clearly isn’t a sexual only relationship. Yes, we have plenty of sex. Great sex. Passionate, exciting, sheet gripping sex. Yet that isn’t what drives this triad. What drives us so hard and so deep is our friendship and admiration for each other. We enjoy our special time together. We laugh, play, eat, shower, go out and enjoy each other. There is no jealousy. It’s unusual. It’s exciting. We can simply lay on the bed and laugh and giggle for hours. We are loving friends. We are the loving family we all wanted in a family. 

You may be thinking but you don’t have the same stresses as a family. You may be right but we do respect each other and never forget that we owe each other that respect. There is trust and admiration for Daddy and Kitty. 

Kitty and I can talk about anything. Much like sisters in a close household. Daddy enjoys seeing us be friends. He was positive we needed to be friends, which you can’t force, but with Kitty and I were naturals at it. 

Why? I think the real question is why not? Why can’t 2 women be friends, share a man, have each other to lean on, make Daddy happy, and each other too? Why not? Anyone who could be as lucky as I am to have this family wouldn’t even be asking why. They would be thanking the heavens for the opportunity to experience this. I think everyone should try this once. You may just decide it’s better than you could imagine. 

My loves. My family. My heart. 



3 thoughts on “Natural? Why Yes!

  1. Is this what you want for yourself? Have you found her yet? Are you still looking? If I can love her the way I love A, then I say yes. I have to really love her though. I have to really feel bonded to her. She has to feel like blood to me. That how A feels to me. We were so close for so many years, then I lost her to the shuffle of our lives and the years we were both being abused at home by family members. I figured our time had come and gone. Adulthood would sweep her away and she’d write me off along with everyone else from her past. And here she is. Back in my life. We’ve been given this unique opportunity to bond again. Rediscover each other and regain the bond we shared before abuse fucked us all up. She and I are a natural fit. I’m not talking about kink or sex or anything like that. I’m talking about the kind of female I love with all my heart. That’s how I feel about her. Find me a girl I can love with all my heart (like A) and I’m in. All in. Happily all in.


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