Serving my Subs

I meet my ladies today and spent the day enjoying both of them. This was my first year anniversary for Sugar, a sub that has faithfully served me for a full year. I decided that I would serve her and of course Kittie (we are a family after all). I made fresh salmon, asparagus and brown rice. I also made fresh fruit with chocolate dip (A fav of our kittie’s) for dessert. We also exchanged gifts. I enjoyed siting down in the privacy of our room and partake of a good home cooked meal together, laughing smiling and being as one. I got a great satisfaction from making a meal and serving them. I made the food served them and cleaned up. This sense of servitude on the outside seems very un-Dom like. I know, I am supposed to be the big bad Dom, punisher and enforcer of the rules. The head of the family the man in charge, the head honcho.

I think in reality it is very loving and caring to feed and serve a faithful sub. This sense of caring, is in my view, in keeping with my daddy Dom status. Whilst softness is not always seen as strength, in the long run it might well be. Make no mistake; we are clear on our roles and responsibilities within our family unit. The strength of a Dom should of course, be shown in the enforcement of the rules and mores of a traditional sub Dom partnership. I believe it also can be shown in the softness and care we show the people most trusted in our lives.


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