Thank You, Daddy!

Thank you for being my Daddy, for always being there, for being stern when I needed it, for never being abusive, for being gentle and kind, for giving me my sister, for understanding that we needed to be friends, for caring enough to always listen to me, for making rules, not for the sake of rules but to help me stay safe, for not only allowing but appreciating my protective nature, for listening to me when you were too tired to think, for always giving me your time even when you were too busy, for telling me about all the people in your life; including your closest people, for making sure I get home okay no matter where I am or who I’m out with, for being the best man you can be at all times, for loving me with all my flaws, my insecurities, my issues, and for seeing past all those things to see my heart; the heart who would cross an ocean if you needed me too, for allowing me to love you when you; unconditionally loving you at all times and realizing that I had the heart to love you unconditionally.
I couldn’t think of a better, more honest, more loving, understanding man to spend the last year with and I know there will be many more years that we will spend together, God willing, and many more times of laughter and love that we will share.

I love you with all my heart, I am yours.
Your faithful and loving submissive,



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