Our Triad! 3 People with 3 Golden Rules- Communication, Trust and Honesty.  

1st communication

Good, bad or indifferent it is necessary for this to work. Just think how hard it is in a typical relationship among 2 people and how it breaks down so often. In our triad we are always working on this and keep things in perspective. It’s not only important that we communicate with each other but how we all communicate. Sugar and I lean on each other and that is fantastic but we have been reminded that when we have a concern or confused we MUST go to daddy. He insists that we all talk through things that may cause us alarm or makes us upset or potentially a concern.  There should be no fear that how any of us feel will be looked at in a negative way or make us fearful to share.  Because then we would not have honest communication.  Daddy always listens and guides us even if he doesn’t realize why we are upset.

We often try to work it through on group text, individual conversations but always have a telephone call with all of us. This allows us to hear each other, answer questions, share feelings and make sure we have a resolution. Communication is just one critical part of our triad.



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