What a Daddy Dom? My opinion… Sugar

IMG_4231“Daddies” are dominant men. They are not pedophiles, they are not creepy, they are not wishing they could do unspeakable things to children–NEVER EVER. They are loving, caring dominant men who nurture, punish, enjoy, laugh, take care of, and adore their girls. They can be sadistic, or not. They can be demanding or not. They can be forceful or not, but they always, always are looking out for their girl’s best interest. They worry about their girls, their submissive girls are always like one of their own. They hold them close in their heart. They do not expect perfection, and understand mistakes. They do not however like or tolerate disrespect. Ever. They enjoy leading, and having a girl follow. They will always be there for their girls. If you have a problem a daddy will not only listen but also try to help you. They will bend over backwards to clear your mind and set you on a right path. They protect you. They listen to you. They nurture you and will always be the rock you can depend on in life. Daddies will punish. As much as Daddy loves you, he can not allow disrespect or blatant disobedience. A mistake is tolerated, blatant disobedience is not. A cheeky comment is fine, nasty and condescending is certainly not going to be acceptable. You can bring any requests or problem to daddy to help you discuss. You can bring him questions, you can bring him tears or giggles, he loves them just the same. He is your rock, your lover, your confidant, your leader, your reason to wake up and will put you to bed each night, He is your Daddy. He will hold you in his heart and you will always have a piece of his heart with you. No matter how far or how long you haven’t seen him. You are his possession, his joy, his girl. and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Ever. Because you are a Daddy’s girl, and nothing feels better than being his girl. 



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