Empowered Submissive 

Submission and empowerment can they be used in the same sentence? I will not speak for all or presume all people will remotely agree with me. But I have given this notion a ton of thought. I am a successful powerful confident submissive woman. In my journey to be the best submissive I can be for daddy I have struggled with the feeling of what this all means. 

What I thought was giving in is not that at all. It’s about being confident and having trust in daddy which allows me to give up control to be guided and led through the journey. 

When I freely submit I am leaving behind all the burdens of decision making, loneliness, independence and control I have in my daily life. In this I feel empowerment. I am empowered that I can surrender to daddy because with him I am safe and my desires and needs will be met by meeting his desires and needs. My heart will be protected, my thoughts settled and my emotions let loose. In my constant desire for improvement to be better for him he is helping me be a better me.  

My heart melts and my body reacts when I hear him say things like “good girl, I’m happy, you excite me and come to me baby.” This empowers me to be a loving and devoted submissive. Kitty 


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