What Would You Do for Your Dominant? 

So I was thinking about that, what would I do what would I not do. Many times we are asked what our limits are, but limits change. They morph into new limits as we trust, love and admire our dominants. What I would not do is pretend. Pretend to make things better, pretend to make him happy. What I do and don’t do is always from my heart. I can’t do make believe. Hell, I can’t even flirt well, if at all. If I tell you something, it’s from my heart. If I say something that is uncomfortable, it’s to help you see things that are hard to see. I also can not stop protecting my dominant. It’s part of who I am, what I am, how I react. Just as its his job to protect me. To let me know when I’m messing up something in my life. That is the bond that a Dom/sub has or should have. 

I would bend a limit for him, easily. An act is easy to bend. It’s trusting that my best interest is at heart, that he won’t hurt me, that he simply can’t hurt me. That is easy. 

 So the next time you are asked why limits you have think broader than the physical stuff. Think of the emotional stuff. Think of what you can’t do because you couldn’t bear to not be real. Because in the end all that you have is your real self. Nothing else. 



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