Marked Man

I would suggest being a Dom is no easy task. I would also suggest as such a Dom; with two women under contract I am very visible.  I answer questions from both women and men about the status of our contractual situation.  This makes us a target for trolls and other individual’s looking to tarnish our situation.  This targeting comes from a place of curiosity and anger and sometimes disgust.  I have watched both my girls act with dignity and strength and honor. All whilst also defending and explaining themselves and our situation.  This leaves me wondering about myself and the honor of being a Dom with two loving faithful subs.  I have discussed on previous posts about honesty and the matter of discussing all situations.  I want now to discuss honor and in particular honor as a Dom.

Whilst I am a cheater and this seems counterintuitive to honor, I believe I act with such. I am married, and no she does not know.  I honor her by not being caught and honor her and my children by being both a dutiful father and a predictable husband.  I honor my girls by being a loving daddy.  I honor them by teaching guiding and loving. I also honor all of us by challenging the status quo of life.  Honor is the strength that binds me to my girls.  The glue that keeps us together and the knowledge that I am predictable, honest and upfront.  If I do not act with honor within my life, how can I expect the trust and submission to grow within the girl’s lives?  We are joined through a lie but lead through honor, love and honesty….

“Mine honor is my life; both grow in one; Take honor from me, and my life is done.”

 William Shakespeare


One thought on “Marked Man

  1. Daddy has honored me for over a year now. I am the one who is honored to know him, to be his submissive, to follow him and to do my utmost best to walk with class, dignity, integrity and in his sunshine. He always amazes me in his honor. Never more than now. I love you daddy. Sugar


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