To Daddy, This is My Life…

(This is written to explain who I am, not to Daddy and my sister but to others who may not understand.)

It’s who I am. It’s not kink, it’s not play, it’s who I am. Sometimes, we read mostly about playtime, about being kinky, about the hot sex. It’s part of  being submissive and part of me, of course but I am not here with daddy or my sister for those things. Those things come out of the respect and love we have, not the act of kinky sex. Submission is what makes me the person I am and have always been. I receive tremendous happiness and joy from giving and pleasing. It makes me light up inside.

I need a leader first and foremost, yet I’m not needy per se. I am most at home taking direction.  I need consistency, I need to feel useful, I need to feel loved, I need to be of value. It would appear that I may be very clingy or needy, on the contrary, I am very self sufficient, I don’t need a Dom who  micromanages.  You don’t need to tell me every little thing to wear, what to do, how to act. Why? I naturally learn what pleases you. I learn what you enjoy, what makes you laugh, how to put you at ease.

Simply put, I pay attention. I pay attention to you and what pleases you. This is not about me and what I want. It’s about you and what you need. So if I’m having a bad day, I try to talk to you about it, but never burden you with minutuia. I am always aware of your needs, and I try hard to anticipate those needs. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, you are always cognizant of my errors and have always dealt with them with a gentle hand and with kindness. This does not make you weak, it makes you my Daddy. It  makes you a caring, loving human being. Your leadership is an amazing part of who you are to me. You enjoy being my protector in my world where I have needed protecting. You are always there when I need you. Your heart is always in the right place when it comes to me or my sister. You keep our best interest at heart always. You thrive on keeping us as safe and harm free as possible. It’s a comfort to you to know I need you. Additionally, you know that I am also there for you and that I need to also protect you. I strive to be your place of peace, a place of tranquility. A retreat for a weary man to rest his heart. This is a two way street for me.  Your consistent strength in character allows my complete, total trust in you. It is in that consistency, I find my strength. I am always afforded the same peace in my heart to guide my way, as well.

I can’t change who I am. I can, however change my behaviors. So if I make a mistake, I am quick to correct it. It’s important to me to fix my errors, not only with you and my sister but my entire life. I try hard to have more patience, more understanding of people. I am learning, perhaps for the first time, to actually trust someone. It has been a long road for me to be able to trust. I know it has been something you’ve been missing also. I see your need to trust is as substantial as mine. I couldn’t bear to put a nick in that trust. It’s that trust that is the glue that binds us to each other. We are sure, very sure, positive in our intent. There are no questions. You are my Daddy, I am your submissive. This is nothing more than a solid fact.

My submissiveness is who I am. My desire to please you is who I am. Life has improved, my heart is happy, I’m at peace because I feel at home in my own heart. This is in a large part due to you. I have learned that I am worth something to you, and that gives me a deep-seated joy. That what I bring to you is something as special as what you bring to me. It is that knowledge that drives me to do better, to be a better person, to look at myself and wonder how can I give you what you need. And discover what it is you need. (Which may be different than what you want at times.)

In conclusion,  I love you and my sister. Thank you for being my real island in a sea of make believe. Additionally, I’m always here watching out for your well being, keeping you safe.  It feels like I finally have the home and family I have so badly needed in my heart. This is priceless to me.



One thought on “To Daddy, This is My Life…

  1. Nice post. Sounds like you and your daddy and sister are happy. You sound like a good submissive/slave. Your daddy must be proud of you, Sugar. You are a gem. I like that you don’t think you have no faults. You have a good handle on how to care of your daddy. He is a lucky man!


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