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Everyone has feelings. Sadness, happiness, anger, despair, euphoria all that and more. Most of the time we simply feel things as they happen to us. I do feel all those emotions. I feel everything like most people. One difference is I can sometimes feel other people’s feelings. It’s not everyone’s feelings, just a selected few. When that happens people are often shocked. Now I know you’re thinking that is just silly, but it’s as if I am there. I have countless examples of feeling things without the person saying a word.

I happen to have that ability to feel my daddy all the time. Happens so much that we aren’t scared anymore but we always are a bit surprised. Today he was flying and I knew when he was stepping off the plane. I could feel him, I know when he needs me. I can feel him when he’s ill, when he is angry, when he is silly, when he simply needs a hug or to know I’m here. My bond with him is also reciprocal. He knows when I am upset or angry and when I’ve lost my little. He calms me and let’s me know everything is okay.

In this life there are very few people who are lucky enough to feel us-Deeply feel us. Those people you don’t let go. You hold them tightly in your heart and mind. You know they are meant to be with you. You need them. They protect you.they love you. They are part of you. They need you too, you protect them. You love them unconditionally. That is something people say all the time but seldom truly mean. It is harder than it seems, yet when you find that you love someone with that kind of unconditional caring you can never let them go.

I am a very lucky submissive. I can not only feel my daddy but he feels me too. Simply an amazing bond we share. Simply amazing.



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