Well in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to say what I am thankful for in this life. I will keep it to my Daddy and sister, although there are so many more things I am grateful for in life. My children, my friends who are my rocks, my job, my whole world that I love like a 12 year old. Music and poetry that make me happy, sad, laugh and cry. Life in general is my joy, but I am lucky enough to have this kinky family.

First of all I am thankful for my sister, Kitty. Kitty has held my hand through personal issues, through bouts of insecurity, through long and lonely nights, through fits of uncontrollable laughter over things unmentionable here. We have become not only friends but sisters. I adore her and couldn’t have asked for a better sister ever. There is no jealousy or insecurity with her, only a bond that won’t soon be broken, if at all. I do adore her with all my heart. She’s helped me through more things than I could ever handle alone. I am very thankful for having a sister most of all. I have close friends- sister friends even but Kitty and I share a kinky bond that one one could understand except another “sister.”

Then there is my dear sweet lovable, loving Daddy. He is my rock, my North Star, the single most trusted man on earth I have ever had. I love him more than I can say and he brings me to happy tears many times without even knowing. His caring is so evident in all of both, Kitty’s and my life. He worries about his girls, he makes sure we are safe at all times and he checks in with us every day throughout the day. What I share with him is something that can’t be explained or described. I would have to say you’d have to witness this bond to appreciate it. I will never love anyone in the same way as I do my Daddy. I need him in my life for so many reasons. He allows my submission to flourish, he understands the mind of a submissive, he protects me from harm and evil people, he allows my little to be herself and feels safe. Her security is at the forefront of his love for me. He understands her completely. I feel loved, cared for, protected, accepted for exactly who I am. He makes me want to be better, strive to please him, gives me confidence that I am just who i am suppose to be. He makes me realize I don’t have to own things beyond my control. I am so happy and thankful. I pray each night that he can feel the happiness I feel because of him. My heart is his. I will be his until such a time he no longer needs me as his submissive.

Happy Thanksgiving family. I need you in my life. I want to share my life with you both. My heart is filled with love and admiration for you both.

Yours, Sugar


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