Power of Love- (Karma Is Not Always a Bitch!)

Sometimes we see Karma as the evil bitch standing in the wings waiting to pounce. Ah, but sometimes Karma is a gentle lady waiting to show you that what you deserve, she shows you what has been given to you softly and you suddenly realize it. The big, bad, bang of evil Karma shocks you. The Sweet, Loving Karma is gentler, kinder and softer. She lites on your heart, taps on it and invites herself in. She sits quietly in your heart until you are in despair. Then she lights up the room with love and sparkles and you feel your icy heart melting. At first you don’t believe it. You’re shocked. You can’t imagine that you are feeling love. Not the infatuation of a good fuck, not the idolizing of a trophy girlfriend, but the warm comfy glow of real love. You think to yourself, “Wow,  this feels so much better than I expected,” but it scares the living crap out of you. The questions are many, the answers slowly come, but the end result always comes back to “Wow, this is amazing!”

The longer you feel that way the more confident you grow. And like all people you get scared at times. You disagree, you have a negative discussion. Karma laughs for she knows it’s temporary distress. Things calm you work it out. Karma smiles and says “Do not give up, this will work out.” You sigh in relief, back to the new normal. Happy again, you actually grow closer out of strife. Karma smiles.

Karma is the reflection of your heart in the mirror. If it is gray and black, it ultimately gives you back those emotional colors. If it is a good heart, one who has been waiting and wronged but remained  good, it suddenly grows sunny and warm. Like a beautiful sunrise it makes us smile. It fills us with wonder. My family has done that for me-made my sunrise special. My daddy has opened his heart to show me his sunrise. My sisters light shines brightly on my heart as well.

Karma, keep doing what you do best, my lady-giving all of us what we deserve-deep,unconditional love. The kind that transcends the petty minutia and goes straight to the hearts core. The part where even our inner child feels safe. That’s what my family gives to me. That is the love I so desired for so many years. 

I love my daddy and sister. I adore feeling their love shining back to me. I think we are actually starting to like our new friend, Karma. Hugs.


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