The Briefest Moment in Time

 It was New Year’s Eve, we wrangled away about 10 minutes from our families. It was in a crowded parking lot, hardly a romantic place to meet, hardly a place where anyone sees anyone else, hardly enough time for anything, yet it was at that particularly, undeniably common place that I felt more loved than I have ever felt before. 

    I texted Daddy asking where he was in the lot, he told me, I told him also. I got out of my car to meet him, see him walking towards me. What I saw was a man who was smiling, no grinning ear to ear, happy, happier than I could have imagined. I saw that smile and knew that it was for me. I knew at that moment, I was his and I was very loved and cherished. We ran to each other almost like in the movies, almost too cheesy, almost without care of who was there, who was watching or how we looked. We hugged-Tightly with emotion and passion, with all of of our hearts poured out in that parking lot. Safely out there. We were safe with each other, free from worry, just a brief moment of extreme happiness. 

    We walked to the car, arm in arm, got in hugged again smiling like two teens. Daddy kissed me, softly, yet passionately. We didn’t say a lot that night,besides the general New Year’s greetings and how we missed each other, but the power of our meeting was undeniably intense-like being part of the sunrise after a dark night. Soon it was time to go, and he jumped out of the car. Deep sadness started to set in my soul. He must have felt that radiating from me, he came back and took my face in his hands and kissed me again. It was the most passionately, loving “I own you” kiss, yet innocent and sweet. Then he grabbed my throat so delicately, (as if I was a petal of a rose that would be destroyed by a single touch,) in spite of the strong feeling of true and total ownership and unconditional love. In that moment, I don’t think I have ever felt so loved, cherished, owned or wanted in my life. My knees were weak, my heart was racing, and I held back waves of the strongest emotions I have felt-ever. 

    I knew in that briefest of moments that nothing, or no one could change his love for me or mine for him. That my life had meaning-to be his, that his life was meant for me, that the stars were there for us. That someone plucked them out of the sky like a bouquet for us. We had a reason to be here. We were loved. 

    My heart is full. I love you, thank you, Daddy. 



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