Contract Renewals

Well, it was that time-when we all had our chance to voice our opinions, renew our contracts vows, have a mini-party and pledge our loyalty to each other. Started out with Daddy and I together first, as Kitty was working. We were quite at ease and very much like family, hanging out, being silly, and just enjoying each other’s company. I brought lunch I had made, and we ate, talked and laughed. This was the perfect way to start the afternoon- low stress. We realized we don’t have “expectations” we have quality time. Doesn’t matter if Daddy is on the phone with work, or I’m finding a new, cool gadget online, we just meld, we are smiling and at peace.

 In the early evening, my sister joined us and we went to dinner. We ate and laughed there too. We often wonder what people think. We look like old, old, friends who are way too comfortable with each other to simply be platonic, yet we have a spark of fireworks that always shines through. None of us cares much what anyone thinks, so it’s simply people watching to see their reactions. 

After dinner we went back to our room and read our contracts to each other. We ceremoniously signed them, we hugged and kissed and even danced with each other. Our hearts were full and happy. Our minds content, knowing we had our family for at least another year. Daddy let each of one of us know in his own special way we were important and necessary to the family-as he always does. 

I can speak for myself when I say I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone like this. It’s perfect. I have a sister who always has my back and a daddy who would move mountains if I needed him. It’s simply amazing. My sister is my friend, my confidant, my strength. We have an incredible bond that I dare anyone to try to break. And Daddy?  I will always and forever, do anything I can to make his life better, filled with more love than he has ever imagined. Daddy needs love as much as my sister and I need love. Not the “I love you because X,Y, Z,” the kind of love that says “I love you because you are you.” The kind that makes us feel that our value isn’t hinged on expectations, or things-truly, unconditional love. That’s the kind we give to each other. 

Written contracts are just guides to let us know what we can  expect from each other. Our hearts hold the real contracts. And mine is burned into the deepest corner where few, if anyone, has ever gone. The part where I love and am loved for the goofy, loving, caring submissive I truly am. And my sister is loved for whom she truly is, as well. And Daddy, well he is our Rock. Our guide. I love him for all that he is and for the magnificent man he is becoming. We all learn from each other, we grow together. The level of trust is rising constantly. That makes us solid and beautiful-both inside and outside. 

I love you Kitty and Daddy, with all my heart. You make me need to be a better person, not for you, but because I can be and you both only deserve the best!

Humbly Yours,



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