Pay Attention!

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As I have said before, I’m simply always submissive. I thrive on pleasing. I love to see the joy on daddy’s face when I have done something well, when I have exceeded his expectations, when I have anticipated his desires. To me this is showing daddy, he matters. That I have put him highest in my priorities of my business, – ultimately that I love him, that nothing on earth is more important than making him happy. As my sister said so well Daddy in turn pays attention to what makes me happy and always provides that to me.

All of that being said, what is it actually that I do? If I see something I think he’d like from candy to a shirt or a cool belt to spank us with, I’ll buy it for him. If he is trying to find a gift for someone, I’ll do some research for him. If I know he would possibly like a cup of tea I’ll bring him some. Sometimes I simply massage his hands, and/or feet or give him a full body massage. I may get his favorite alcoholic drink. I’ll copy song lyrics I think he may like. I’ll find a playlist for him. I’ll bring him his favorite cheese or cook him breakfast, or make him dinner. Or I’ll do some research on something – anything from a-z. I’ll let him know about new software he may like, or an app that is cool. The list goes on.

Those are real concrete things I do for him. He always appreciates them. He always understands that those are some of the non-sexual ways I show love to him. Everything I have ever done for him is rewarded 100 fold, yet that is/was never the reason they were done. They are done to show him how much I care, how much I value him, to make his life a little easier perhaps, a little brighter, with a bit more sunshine.

How you show love to someone depends on what a persons love language is. Of course, you need to take the time to know what makes someone feel loved. Daddy always says “pay attention.” And I always try to. He pays very close attention to both my sister and myself. He’s always there for me, and protects me. And tells me what I mean to him. My love language is emotional security, laughter and forgiving me any wrong doings. It’s small special things that he does, like bring me chocolate, or a plant. It’s going to fun places like Great Adventure. I am always exceptionally appreciative of anything he does for me, no matter how large or how tiny. One of the most loving things he has ever done was meet me New Year’s Eve in a parking lot for not more than 10 minutes. I knew he was in a hurry and I was too. We made a small amount of time for each other. When I saw him his face lite up. THAT was enough to make me happy. To see him happy to see me made me cry later. (sorry daddy I am always an emotional little girl at times) I knew I was loved and protected-that I mattered. Enormously. I mattered.

Daddy, sister and I rarely have to ask what each other would want or need. We all pay attention. We all love so deeply, we pay attention. I love my family and I believe they know that. They feel it and have tangible ways to see it, as I do myself.

Love is so much more than simply sex. I didn’t even mention that because that is the physical intimacy that we all need to feel complete. It shows us love in a very different way. Without sounding corny, its the combining of our bodies to make us one, to give and take the most exquisite of pleasure. To allow a transference of energy to each other, always knowing that we are safe.

Love, many ways to show it. Many ways to feel it. I would simply ask you to “Pay Attention!” It may bring you some of the happiness my family is blessed to receive.

With all my love,

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