Cloud People

  There are a number cloud people in our lives. They appear out of no where, they disappear just as quickly. They bring blue skies or very stormy skies, they always change your internal sky. Many times they bring drama- good and bad drama- yet you can never touch them. You can feel them, you can see them, but you can never touch their heart and soul. They elude the intimacy and true heart of a D/s relationship. They rarely stay consistent long enough to make a difference in your life. They come and poof before we know it they are gone.

They bring us joy at times and we often mistake it as true happiness. It never is that because their heart is sheltered and the idea of real intimacy is foreign to them. They take what they need from their envirorment and spit out rain. When they leave one never knows when they may return or how, as a beautiful addition to a blue sky or a stormy tornado/hurricane that deposits what debris they have collected. Their inconsistency drives us crazy but we keep seeing the puffy white clouds that seem to pop up now and then.

Be careful – stay away from the cloud people. They are always toxic, no matter how beautiful their fluffy shapes in the sky.

My 2 cents.



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