Real Intimacy

I want to first state I am not as good a writer as Sugar, but I am however, going to share some thoughts on intimacy within our Sub/Dom world. I have discussed our triad with many people usually on SLS or some other BDSM or swinger medium.  The conversation always drifts, or sometimes rushes toward the topic of sex.  There is a misconnection on many fronts in regard to sex within our triad group.  I really do not have sex with my girls, of course we have sexual relations, but to name it as sex is really an injustice. The spankings the BDSM the intercourse, is not sex for us its intimacy.  There is no greater intimacy between any human then touching, caressing and holding.  We have worked hard to touch each other both in mind heart and deed. The world invades our personal space on a daily basis so its nice to lock it out and just enjoy what each other has to give. I have watched from my corner eye the quiet interaction between the girls when I am focused solely on one of them. Kitty will smile as I am inside Sugar and will caress my hand or hair. She will sit close and enjoy watching our love manifested out to please each other.  Sugar smiles as I am with Kitty and may sit and watch or hold her hand.  The real strength of intimacy between us is the lack of jealousy. There simply is none, they understand that each has something special and distinct to offer me and to each other. There not even any rules, I am allowed to do what I want with them.  I will leave that for a different post, but to suffice to say that’s the real goal of a Dom/sub is to interconnect. True intimacy is not the sexual relations, it is the words that are spoken when nothing is spoken at all.

I have been told we are sick, its a fantasy, and it’s not normal.  I smile, grin inside and agree with it all.



2 thoughts on “Real Intimacy

  1. Y’all share an intimacy that most ‘normal’ people can’t aspire to. For a slave’s point of view, i can hear my Master voicing your post. 💜

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  2. My Daddy fosters an environment of trust and intimacy, as well as love and respect. It made me cry that he understands us so well. I am always touched. I adore him.

    Thanks for your kind words Tasha. I know I speak for all of us when I say thanks.
    Hugs, Sugar.

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