The Fear is Gone

IMG_1021I do not have anymore fear. Now to the average person, that is nothing special. I mean, most people don’t live in fear. Fear, it was always there-so many fears. Fear of being alone, fear of being abused again, fear of people I love leaving me, fear of not being good enough, fear of daddy finding someone who was perfect, fear of not pleasing him, fear of being boring and daddy getting tired of me. So many fears. I could go on and on.

A strange thing happened recently, I no longer have any fear. Now if I can describe it adequately, it is like waking up and no longer having a headache after you’ve had one for months. At first you don’t notice it’s gone, then you feel so damn good you realize, “Hey, I don’t have a headache anymore!” You don’t take it for granted, you don’t ever think, “Oh it’s nothing.” You are grateful . You are happy, you want to do more and more to please the man who has allowed you to trust in him, that you no longer have fear in your life.

Fear is debilitating. Men prey on fear. They know it, they feel it. They take advantage of it. I have especially found that many so called dominant men feed on it. It renders people helpless, but it is especially harmful to me. I have teetered between my natural happiness and being horribly afraid all my life. That is gone. I am no longer fearful. I am happy. Joyous. Content. Grateful. Thankful. I would do anything for my Daddy. I am no longer afraid of being me. I feel loved, wanted, needed, appreciated, and protected. No one will hurt me, no one will make me feel less than I am. Daddy has made sure of that. Our connection is so strong, I not only understand his heart, I know his mind. I understand his thought processes, easily a good 85-95% of the time.

Neither of us are perfect, but together we are perfect for each other.

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for allowing me into your heart, your mind and your protection. I am sure that for you to hurt me it would devastate you, more than it would me. I can’t possibly think of me hurting you in any way. I would be so much more upset if I ever disappointed you than you could imagine. My heart soars when I see that I put a smile on your face. When I have made you laugh, when I sense a happiness inside of you, I experience a submissive joy that I have fulfilled my goals in life. This is a complete symbiotic relationship. The happier you become, the happier I become. When you are content, my contentment rises beyond anything I have experienced. When you feel loved, the twinkle in your eyes lets me know I have succeeded in my life’s aspirations.

Thank you, Daddy, for releasing my fears. For chasing the boogie man from the cobwebs of my mind. For letting me know I am enough, I am good enough, that I can be loved unconditionally, that I have allowed you to feel loved unconditionally. We are growing, some days tiny inches, some days leaps and bounds. That growth is what it makes it all worthwhile. I look forward to each day, knowing we advance in our understanding, we grow closer to each other. Enjoy life Daddy, feel it as I do, free of fear. My thanks for allowing my fears to dissipate like a cloud in the sky.

I love you deeply,

My love and devotion,



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