Sub Drop

Sigh… I know it well after spending a few days with my daddy. He knows my needs and feeds all of my sides. He is attentive, stern, takes what he wants, loving, nurturing. In a short timeframe I can feel like his slut to his fairy princess.  
I soak up every second I have with him. Consumed with our playtime, quiet time, learning moments and our conversations. 

It’s like I’m floating when I’m in his presence and then WHAM!

Back to “real life”. I feel a deep sadness. I start to think…When will I see him again? Was I everything I could be for him? Were his needs met completely? Was I too needy? 

And so the drop has begins maybe it’s minutes before we leave, hours after we part sometime the next day.  

Then I see it a text from Daddy it’s like he knows something is going on. My heart smiles my sadness fades and I feel balanced again.  


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