Cinderella Fantasy Come True

It was a lovely day, and I was packed, dressed and ready! I couldn’t wait for daddy to pick me up. I was anxious and excited, a bit nervous (but not too much), and a tiny bit afraid that I wouldn’t be enough for daddy. I always get those fears, I think it’s a sub thing, but I digress. I wanted to please daddy so much. I brought too many clothes as usual and stuff for my vacation. I didn’t want to forget anything. ( I didn’t)

The trip was perfect. We laughed and laughed. And laughed some more. We were ourselves. I talked too much, which was a bit annoying to daddy I’m sure, but he was gracious and laughed it off. I had no one to talk to so it was all bottled up! (Sorry daddy-Your sub is who she is! ) I wanted to please daddy so much. It was me who wound up being pleased. We got to the hotel after a long drive. It was 8 hours in the car. The hotel was beautiful and overlooked the most gorgeous river.  We were On the 30th floor. Just breathtaking. We took showers and jumped in bed and snuggled and enjoyed each other told fantasies. I rubbed daddy’s hands with lotion and massaged his back. It felt like this was how we were supposed to be. This was exactly how it was suppose to be. Daddy and submissive in perfect harmony. We drifted to sleep knowing for a change we were less than an arms length away. I could feel daddy reaching over occasionally making sure I was there. Making sure he wasn’t imagining I was there. Yes daddy, I am here for you always.

I opened my eyes in the early in the morning knowing daddy had to go to work. He looked so handsome in the work clothes I pressed for him the night before. He kissed me good bye and told me to have a great day sight seeing and gave me a hug. “Be careful and keep in touch.” I’m a needy little bugger so keeping in touch was funny. Of course I would!

He came home and I was dressed and ready to go out. We went to dinner and daddy told the waitress that I was his submissive and he had a poly family. I was shy, a bit quiet. I’m always a tad shy when it comes to vanilla people knowing my lifestyle, like they see my soul. I feel naked and exposed, opened to judgement and ridicule but the young waitress was cool and adorable and laughed. Of course, daddy knew it was funny. We’d never see her again. I even showed her a picture of me and my sister. She thought we were kidding until that time. Grin. I was happy. Daddy was proud to have us as his submissives. As shy and exposed as it made me feel it, also made me feel as if I was the most important possession he had.

The next day was just as perfect but this time I had a surprise for daddy. I pressed his shirt for dinner, got all cleaned up and pretty.  I waited for him to come back to the room to show him. I had gotten dressed in sexy lingerie with garters, high heels and a sexy bra and panties and a black silky robe. He texted and said he was on his way up to the room and I started the tea. He fumbled with the key at the door so I opened it for him. I was hiding behind the door and he was grumpy. He said, without looking at me yet, “I’m warning you I’m in a foul mood!” I said , “it’s okay daddy, don’t worry!” He took one look at me and smiled. “Now how am I supposed to be grumpy with you looking all sexy? ” I gave him his tea and drew him a jacuzzi bath. I pampered him all night. I sat on the edge of the tub and we talked and laughed. I wondered where the grumpy foul mood went. I felt a bit proud of myself for changing that mood to  laughter and calm.

The next morning was bitter sweet. We snuggled as long as we could. Then when it was impossible to wait any longer we went to breakfast. The view was glorious and almost magical. I was thrilled beyond belief that I was able to spend almost four  magical days with my daddy. I don’t know how to describe that feeling but I was proud to be his submissive, proud to be his possession. I was his.

We had a long drive home and lots of emotions for many reasons, surfaced. Tears, and laughter intermingled with pain and fear of being alone once again. Daddy doesn’t like leaving us anymore than we like leaving him. He feels anxious too. I rubbed his neck and hands to calm him. I tried hard not to cry. I didn’t quite make it, but I did try. My emotional side is intense. I don’t know how daddy puts up with it to be honest, I dispise it and yet I don’t seem to have any control over it. It is like the weather. It happens whether you like it or not. Sadly, the time had come to return home. We said a sad, quick good bye and I returned home to be Cinderella as the clock struck midnight. My handsome prince in his black coach driving off into the sunset as I returned to the often mundane life, we all seem to lead.

I will never forget my time with my daddy, nor will I forget my glorious submission in his arms. How it felt to be with him is hard to describe. Totally myself, totally owned, totally in love, totally allowed to be submissive and his.

I love you daddy, I need you as well. Maybe someday, if only in my dreams,  we will forget the clock strikes at midnight.

My love and devotion, with complete submission,



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