Words and Actions: The Match Game

We all have heard kind words, words that make your body melt, your heart sing, your mind wander to intimate scenes in far off places. Words that make you angry, feel badly about yourself or enraged. Words can heal or hurt, but words alone can be empty as well. 

When someone we love dearly has lots of beautiful words, we light up. We think how loved we are, it warms our soul. Yet if words are not followed by actions, they are no more filling than looking at a picture of a good meal. Looks great, but you grow hungrier each minute for real substanence. This is especially true in BDSM relationships. If I tell daddy I need to see him and all I get is an I love you and nothing else? Sounds great but did he make the effort? Or try to? If I tell my daddy that, he ALWAYS makes the effort, if humanly possible. It may be a five minute hug and kiss in a mall parking lot -but I will see him ASAP – it’s going to happen.  I have many, many examples of words and actions and my daddy. Another one is I sleep much better and calmer when daddy says good night to me. He never misses. Even sick, even with his family, even in another state, another country, even if he’s upset with me. Never misses. It’s important to me, so it’s important to him. 

I am also the same way. If something is important to daddy? It’s important to me. An example, daddy loves feminine women. It is rare I would meet daddy without my hair, makeup done and cute panties. I even keep makeup in the car in case we happen to get 5 minutes and I don’t know about it ahead of time. Doesn’t take long to throw on some makeup and makes me feel pretty. Daddy likes thinner women. I’m not so thin. So since I’ve met him I’ve lost 25 pounds. It’s slow and it’s steady but it’s an action I can do. It’s not lip service, it’s not a dream. It’s the little concrete things we do. Daddy and I both delight in surprising each other with little gifts, and sometimes big gifts. It’s our way of saying out loud I love you and having our actions match our words. I will pick him up a shirt I know he’s like or some of his favorite tea, or a belt that he may use to spank me. I may get flowers or candy or he’ll take me to eat. We make the effort. We are worth the effort. I would never ever let a holiday, or birthday go by without getting daddy a gift or making him one. It’s not about the how grand the gift is or isn’t, it’s about celebrating your relationship. Making the effort and maintaining the effort, which leads back to consistency and that makes for a very stable relationship. 

Many times people say lots of things to you. I’ve missed you, and never make the effort to see you. I love you and never think to do something they know you’d love. They forget the loving courtship things that are so important to maintaining a relationship. The little things that say in actions, you matter. It is important to know what your partners love language is and do something. DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING BIG OR SMALL, but show your words have meaning. Talk is cheap, actions speak volumes. 

So if your significant other has beautiful words but the actions don’t say the same thing? It’s truly time to reevaluate the relationship. If they truly mean what they say, you’ll not only hear it, you’ll see it and feel it. You will have loving actions that match their exquisite words. Then and only then will you know how it feels to be truly loved. 

Thank you for being such a great daddy and for always backing up your words with actions. I love you daddy. 




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