What Does It Feel Like To Be Little?

An interesting question, to be sure. Most people can’t fathom that. It seems as if you’re making it up. That you are a grown ass person and how can you be little? You don’t just go back to your childhood and become 12 again? Or do you? 

If I could describe it adequately, I’d be a genius. The trouble with being a 12 year old ( my littles approximate age) is that, well, you think and act 12. So when things are rolling along smoothly, you’re happy, silly, giggly, would melt ice with your laughter, twinkles in your eyes. You are mischievous, and playful to a fault at times but still doable. Most other adults notice you’re a bit different but they just think you have a young heart, a joi de vive perhaps. Not awful at all. 

The issues come when you can’t handle life. When you have an argument with your daddy, when you both don’t agree and he gets angry. Most of the time it’s for good reasons. You are prone to temper tantrums at times. Especially, most especially, when you are scared. When you think for some goofy, bizarre reason, daddy will leave you. The monsters under your head will take him away, he will grow tired of your whining, or he doesn’t like when you talk too much, or you need his attention too much. You see it happening and fear takes over. You want to run, anywhere. Just run away. But most of all you want to run to him. To have him just hold you and tell you he loves you, tell you he understands, you’re scared, that it’s okay and he doesn’t need you to be perfect. It is much simpler to calm a little than you realize. We don’t need long explanations, we need reassurance. If you hurt her, or you got angry at her, a sincere I’m sorry with a huge hug will chase away her demons. 

Sometimes we start out grown and suddenly in the middle of a disagreement, we become little. If we are talking on the phone or texting you may not hear it or see it, but in person you would see the questioning eyes, the tears welling up in her eyes. Her eyes pleading with you to make it stop. The pain to her is unbearable. The crying upsets you more, and she knows that but can’t figure out how to stop it. It is so very scary inside of her. I don’t know if I can adequately describe what it feels like. Pain and fear mixed into one bucket of gasoline with you holding a match. You can ignite it or blow out the match. But one thing you can’t do? You can’t ignore it, she won’t let you do that. She desperately needs your reassurance. 

Daddy says “Submissives love with everything we have. They give till they have no more to give then they give more.” It’s true. We have huge flaws. And huge hearts, and huge needs and we will give you a razor blade to cut out hearts and should you want to hurt us, you will always know how. 

The more you understand a little, the easier your life will be, should you know or love one. Have some patience with us. Nurture us, let us know we are daddy’s girl, and most of all love us and hold us when we are scared. We need you the most at that time. We will once again turn back into our silly, happy, playful selves. And the tornado of emotions will turn into blue skies and white puffy clouds. 

You couldn’t be more lucky or more cursed than to have a little in your life. They are a gift of life-A gift of the heart. They will always, always love their daddies and they will never, ever let anyone hurt their daddies either. Allegiance like that is nearly impossible to find in the world. Maybe, just maybe, it is worth dealing with their insecurities, their irrational fears, and their tears. The smiles will return brighter than ever. And you’ll forget why she irritated you in the first place. Littles do something to your heart you just can’t shake. You may as just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Sophie. Aka Sugar


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