Polka dots & Sparkles

This article is going to be a toughie. I have been rolling this subject around in my mind for at least a few months and putting thoughts to words might be a little hairy lol. I wanted to chat about little’s from a male perspective and also with a Dom twist.

The little idea of a little can be freaky, scary, fun and annoying. Let us face it, who really wants to have sex with a child. I think they call it a little because a child is so weird. They really are little, it’s not a game, a fun little scene or a fantasy. They are the age they portray. If a little is 6 or 12, they really are that age.

I have watched my little 60-year-old act and portray a real 12-year-old. I have been involved with temper tantrums and tears. I have had to pick her up from the floor a few times, heck I even named the little stinker. When we are intimate she does so as a young person, sometimes. I have to double check myself to realize who I am dealing with. Then there is the fun, I love taking care of my little one. I really enjoy buying her things or taking her on a joy ride at the carnival. There is nothing more fun, there is nothing more exciting than watching my Sophie smile, giggle and be 12.

Now to the not so fun stuff, life is hard with a little. They cry a lot and I mean a lot. I have heard of some little’s crying every day, all day. I think it is age-dependent, the younger a little, the more they cry. We discussed they actually are the age they portray. Well, that goes for the emotional part of the dynamic as well. If you have children you may, or may not remember. They wake up scared, they cry for no reason and they demand constant attention. The not so easy part is not at the beginning, it’s toward the middle. The beginning it’s cute a new Sippy cup for the younger ones, a hug and squeeze and all is well. A word from daddy that all is well usually quiets the chaos.

The issue is we became like a pencil. We are sharp in the early stages. We react with a quick word, we console and reassure. We tell them, daddy will never leave them. The big issue comes when the pencil gets dull. I have told her I won’t leave, why does she keep asking me the same things. I have told her I love her, why does she keep asking me the same thing. I have reassured her 4 times today, why does she keep asking me the same thing. Why is she texting me 10000 times a day asking me the same things? We get tired, we get dull, we may even get annoyed. The pressure keeps coming from the little. As we back off they come harder. The little gets confused and scared, they try harder they ask more questions. The may even beg or plead, they really do cry more and get confused. We back off further and the pencil breaks.

I really don’t have the answer to the problem in general, as each “little” is different. I can say that for me and my little, the answer is communication. I have seen once the communication stops there are major problems ahead. I speak directly to my little and then talk to the women. I ask for space and reassure her I won’t leave her. Talk to your little have a resolution process for the times you are overwhelmed. I would say most of all love your little. There can be no polka dots and glitter unless you communicate. I would also recommend a long hard think before you take one as yours. They are fun to love, they are wickedly addictive. They love with everything, then they give a bit more if you want to really play, you will have to love and nurture. After all, you are their daddy.

I love you, Sophie,



3 thoughts on “Polka dots & Sparkles

  1. Thank you daddy. I love you too. I wi try really really hard not to be so needy. And sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t. But I know you love me anyway. I will try to be more aware of space and your needs. Kisses, Sophie


  2. Spot on. For me, I am absolutely in big mode though when I am engaged in play or sex. What I will say, is that my feelings are never far from the surface…

    The constant need for reassurance? Abandonment issues. I am sure there is an exception, but every little I know… Me included….Have major abandonment issues.

    I think like anything else in life, there has to be a balance… And that takes work

    Well done

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  3. I agree, Cinn. Totally we are working on a balance and most of the time we have it. We have our moments though. And those are trying to everyone involved. I agree on the littles with abandonment issues too. Seems to go with the territory.



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