After a Scene 

So tonight we had an intense scene. A scene that was exploring new territories of the S&M side of Daddy’s relationship and mine. A test of my obedience and total submission not just physically but emotionally. As exciting and as the experience was the evening moved a long with lots of fun that even included a lost earring and us all scrabbling around the floor to find that precious gift. Then sharing more of each other.  The time just got away from us which resulted in me having to leave with out our usual cuddling, soft caresses, loving words, and just relaxing in each other’s arms. As I drove home I couldn’t stop crying. Now this isn’t uncommon when I leave but tonight it was coming from a different place. A place that was causing my brain to spin in confusion, my skin was tender and stinging and my heart felt so heavy. I couldn’t shake it.  

“Deep breathes deep breaths Fuck what is going on?” Is all I could say to myself. 

I then realized that “after care” for me is more than directly after a scene. I need to cuddle, feel the warm touches, hear the loving words and even giggle a little.  

Please make sure you take the time to decompress! Life moves so fast all the time. When you experience the intensity of a BDSM relationship it’s so important to make sure you take the time necessary. 
I am happy that I have daddy and a sister who understand.  


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