Fantasy Worlds

Daddy has told me that in 4 years he’s only actually met less than a handful of true submissives. He’s talked to hundreds I would imagine. Some are bedroom subs, some are 50 shaders, some are fantasy romance novel lovers, some don’t even have a clue. They want someone to control them. They want to be taken. They want to be free of daily stresses, they think that a Dominant will magically take their problems away and makr them feel like a princess or a romantic love slave. Of course this has to be done online only. They can’t imagine upsetting their world as they know it. It’s a great fantasy, isn’t it?

The reality is that it’s not a fantasy for me. It’s real. It’s gritty, it’s deep, it’s dirty, it’s pull out your heart, give him a razor, show him where to cut and trust he won’t do it , nor let anyone else do it either. He will protect you as you protect him. You will dig deeper in his soul as he digs deeper in yours. You will descend deeper than the best marriage you’ve ever known. He will tell you things, things he couldn’t say in his head but will say out loud to you. You will do things for him that no one would ask of you and do them before he asks. You give him the power to destroy all that you are, to fill you with his essence, knowing that if he leaves, he’s taken who you are with him and the shell would remain. He knows that you hold the power to make him crumble as hard as he makes you crumble. It’s depth is dark and deep. Murky, uncharted territory of your brain, your heart, your soul. That’s the reality. That’s the true fantasy. That’s the dominant/submissive dance Daddy and I do daily.

There is a use for online play however. It is to learn. Learn everything you can. Learn about the dangers, the pleasures, the needs, but don’t think that learning is reality. That learning is textbook. Like a medical student reading about taking out a heart, it is not reality until you have given a dominant the power to destroy you. Then you will know what it truly means to be submissive.

So what I will say to you is this. Make rules. Follow said rules. Choose wisely. Follow your instincts. Follow your intuition. Feel his essence before you submit. It is something that you should know immediately upon meeting. Watch for the red flags, if you see one run. Remember, he has the power to destroy you. So choose very carefully.

I have chosen carefully and we are slowly and carefully descending to our dark depths of trust and love. It’s a beautiful place it’s a grounding, loving place, we are safe. We know we are a hand away from each other. The fears still rise now and then, but the difference is now we can reach out, ask questions, and communicate well. And chase those fears away. It’s a long process. It can’t be done online. It can’t be done in a day, a month a year. We are coming up on two years and we are still learning. And will continue to learn till our last breath.

The fantasy world pales in comparison to the real world of Domainant/submissive and the power exchange that ensues. Embrace it carefully. But embrace it wholly, completely and without reservation. It’s beautiful this far down.

I love you, Daddy,



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