The Dominant/Submissive Bond

Often we talk about all the kinky things in BDSM. We discuss sex and spankings, bondage, etc. I love all those things myself, but what I love more than anything is the bond that we have. The true power exchange we share. The level of depth we have. It grows daily, I am able to see his wants and needs and desires, to feel them. How he needs me, enjoys me. Desires me. His pleasure in my touch, how I relax his mind and body. How he can cradle me and make the world disappear, how sometimes all I need is to feel his touch, hear his voice, need his encouragement. How I can’t imagine life without his presence in my world. How watching him fall asleep my hands stroking him, comforts me, allows me to know I have value in his life. I feel his protection at all times, and I also protect him with a fierceness, not unlike a lioness (I admit it’s not always easy protecting daddy.) I will not tolerate anyone hurting him, any more than he can tolerate someone hurting me.Nothing in my vanilla world has ever come close. I can not imagine or describe to anyone the bond we share, the bond that has formed and continues to form daily. It’s deeper and more fulfilling then anything in my world. Marriage pales in comparison to our Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little Bond.

I have loved and will always love you daddy. I am sure of very little in my life, but I am sure of us. I am sure of your love for me. I am sure of my love for you.

My love and devotion,



2 thoughts on “The Dominant/Submissive Bond

  1. I can not get enough of these sort of posts. Too often does the desire for kink and sex overrule the desire to learn and experience that bond you described. I long for such a bond myself and I will not be content with any other kind of relationship. If I do not find my perfect Dom/Daddy, I will live my life without one and not replace him with someone less worthy of the position


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