I Care 

 I care. I care that your health is good. I care that you feel well. I care that your feelings are hurt. I care that people you love hurt you. I care that you have a void to fill. I care that you are happy. I care that people don’t always appreciate what you’ve done for them.  I care that you need something, anything. I care that I can’t help you when people hurt you. I care that you’re sad. I care that your heart aches even though I didn’t make it happen. I care about YOU!

I care about you. What you think about, how you feel, how your day went, what you need, what you want. I want to make you happy, peaceful, calm. I can’t do that, all the time.  It’s frustrating. It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I don’t know how else to love. I dive in the deep end. I open you up like a flower. I inhale your scent, your essence, your pain. I love you, flaws, needs, wants, and everything else in between. I love YOU. 

I sometimes need to be tough. I need to show you your life without the  gause veil to see through. The grit, the dirt, the nasty, the selfish, you have to see it and what it does to you. Clearly, distinctly, see it all. Then hold you tightly while you feel it all. No running, no hiding, no pretending.  Just feel. Feel it all. I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere but at your side. Here to lean on, here to hold on to. Here to be your lighthouse to see in the darkness. Always here. To show you, not only the horror, but the beauty as well. 

So yes, I care. I care so very much. I want to make all the darkness, the pain, the evil go away. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. I can only do what I know best- I can love you. Deeper, more completely than you have ever felt-I can love you. Wash that love over you and maybe some will stick to you like Teflon, and all the arrows that are slung at you will slide off. Maybe. Just maybe you will feel that love deep inside. 

My love, my devotion, most of all my caring, 



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