Something different about “Littles”

In the world of littles, I read a lot about role play. I don’t happen to agree with that term. When my little comes out, I’m not role playing anything. I’m not pretending to be 12. I am 12! I find the same things funny a 12 year old finds funny. I cry like a 12 year old. I dance around like a 12 year old. I’m insecure like a 12 year old. Simply put – I am 12.

I can’t tell you why that happens. I don’t know why. Something in my psyche reverts to a time in my life where I am 12. I wish it were studied more. My daddy can conjure her up quickly. When I am with friends laughing and joking I can become 12 again. I’m not always 12, however; sometimes I am quite grown up. That mommy in me feels just as real as my little. I am a mommy. I protect, I nurture, I spoil and I make sure all is right in everyone I love’s world.

Sexually, I can flip flop. I can be a naughty 12 year old or a vampy submissive. I can be a tad masochistic or a soft sensual romantic at times.  It depends on what mood I am enticed into at that time. Always though the one thread of me that is in all of my alter egos is pleasing. I love to please those I am with. It’s where my own pleasure stems from within my body. The more you are pleased, the happier I am. And the more turned on you are, the more I intense I am, if it’s a sexually charged time.

I am saying all of this because I am finding website after website talking about littles role playing. Sort of disheartening when you feel 12, you are 12 and you are actually confused by what they mean by role play. When you write about littles, I understand there may be littles that do roleplay, try to differentiate between us, please. The lumping us as “role players” is annoying.

I admit I am more fragile, more work, more sensitive, more needy at times, just More! I don’t love or hate being a little, it’s simply who I am. It changes. I actually asked daddy this question, “Why didn’t I grow up all the way?” ( His answer was simply -kiss ) I guess it was something that just didn’t develop normally in me. Something that wasn’t allowed to become grown up or forced to grow up too early. I am not quite sure of the reasons why, but I am quite positive there are 2 distinct people inhabiting this body. And one of them is 12.  Sophie (my 12 year old’s name) and Mommy love our daddy very, very much. Bigger than the wile wide world!

With love and devotion,



3 thoughts on “Something different about “Littles”

  1. I love you to, fantastic article. The connection only comes through trust and communication. The keys to everything is communication. True intimacy is the joining of trust patience.

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