Giving Thanks


Every year this time, everyone gathers friends and family together to have a special meal. We all eat too much and maybe watch some football or TV. It’s a day off from work and a day to spend with family. I am choosing to let write down some of the things which I am the most thankful.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my daughters and granddaughter. I am thankful for them and know they have their issues, but they do love me and that is all I have ever asked from them.

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am to be Daddy’s submissive, his Sophie, his best friend, his confidant, his lover, his lighthouse. And to have such a special man, who I can’t imagine living without. A man who I can’t do enough for, who I see the light shining all around him. I can’t imagine life without him. I see his smile and my heart grows so big it feels like it will explode. I make him laugh, and he makes me laugh as well. I pray every day that we never stop being able to make that joyous laughter stop in our hearts. Daddy’s eyes light up like twinkle lights on a Christmas tree. I am sure mine look much the same. It’s an awesome feeling and an awesome sight! I think that if you had ever seen us in the same room together you’d see this unusual connection and our smiles from anywhere in the room. I can’t begin to tell you exactly how special I feel with him in my life. He is my rock, my stability, my dominant, my world.

Then there is Kitty. She is my friend, my shoulder to cry on, confidant, my cohort and  fighter of evil. Without her I would be very alone. I can tell her anything. I am privileged to have her in my life. I can’t imagine sharing Daddy with anyone who wasn’t kind to me. She has the patience of a saint and I can be a tad bit (cough, cough) protective of Daddy. I never take her for granted.

I feel like a very special submissive and I can’t imagine what I could have done to deserve Daddy and Kitty.  I am one very thankful babygirl. I am honored to be in his life and I’d do anything to make sure I can give him anything I can. 

Be thankful, be happy. Life is so stinking short. I can say I have found true happiness and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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