The End of Paradise, or Vacation’s Over

Daddy and I went on vacation. We had a fantastic time. It was just the best. We went sight seeing, went shopping, went to bars, hung out, ate delicious meals. All the things you do on vacation. We spent 4 glorious days just enjoying all that the city had to offer. 

The amazing thing was we were close all the time, yet it was as easy as breathing. We laughed, were silly, had some serious conversations, experienced some extremely intimate moments, snuggled and pampered each other. The time flew by and we simply wanted more. 

I could tell on the plane that daddy was growing tense. Returning back to reality was tough for both of us. I spent the entire time slightly holding back tears that I couldn’t control once we had landed. Daddy made me laugh. He asked “You are not going to cry, are you? ” I shook my head yes and we both laughed. He always knows I cry. I never stop hurting when we leave each other. 

We found a quiet desolate corner to give one last hug and we went off in different directions. My heart was crying even if the tears didn’t come out of my eyes. I wanted my daddy back. I didn’t want to lose him. I know I am not going to lose him for good, but it was extremely hard seeing him drive off into the night. 

I will cherish those memories as long as I have breath. And I will always know I am loved. And cared for and I matter. I simply matter to one man in this lifetime. I am honored to be his. And I will always try hard to be the best submissive I can be for him. 

I love you daddy,



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