Miracle of Christmas 

Sometimes, when all things go perfectly right, life happens and tastes so sweet. Daddy, Kitty and I had one of those days recently. We spent the day together. It was a peaceful easy day and calm. We had a lovely time and had delicious food and exchanged presents. We enjoyed seeing how we nurtured each other. We are thoughtful with everything. We think of gifts that each other would love. We all did a marvelous job. (If I say so myself. )

The true gift however was is being together as a family. Daddy had songs picked out for us and he danced with each of us. We took pictures and we looked so at peace with everything. We were grinning from ear to ear. A soft grin. Just a happiness that glowed. It was a special kind of softness. A quiet joy. It was even a little bittersweet as well. We all knew we had to leave.

I don’t love going home much. It’s always take, take, take. When we are together as a family there is a strong element of giving, caring for each other. Wanting to please each other. Daddy understands that keeping his girls happy means he is always happy as well. We go to great lengths to make sure his needs are met. And he does the same to us. We said good bye with a kiss and a hug and of course,  a few tears. I am honored to be in this family.

I had a special “family” Christmas and I anticipate an even happier New Year in 2017. One never knows what the future holds, but if we are together, I am assured it will be full of love, joy and caring for all of us.

Merry Christmas, Daddy and Kitty. I love you both.

My love and devotion,



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